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Be as good at your business as you are at your trade

Be as good at business as you are at your trade

Our mission is for you to be as good at business as you are at your trade, thereby giving you the opportunity to see a bigger business future.

How we Help You

We understand that everyone is at a different stage of their business life, that's why we have different options for people in different stages in their business.

Break the Cycle Program

The purpose of this is to help you break the cycle with, time, money and people and start creating the ideal structure for your business, with this you will get:

  • A place in a small group workshop with other trades and builders
  • Hard copy business tools and templates for you to use and take home to start building your business
  • Well give you our very own strategies we have provided to over 1,660 other trades and building business that will can set you apart from your competitors
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    You get your very own business portal in the cloud which is exclusive to BusinessSight members to build your business and connect with stacks of other trades and builders
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    You get unconditional support Monday to Saturday from 7am to 7pm to help you along the way
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    You'll get a stack of resources to use at you own leisure
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    There is more...

All this for less than $

The BusinessSight Mentor Workshop

When I created BusinessSight in August 2003 there wasn't any business workshops around to speak of, nothing specializing in helping trades and builders.

My goal then was to create the most comprehensive business and personal development workshop there is in Australia, we have surpassed that goal and it is now the most comprehensive globally.

We have over 33+ specialist presenters here purely for trades and building business owners.

This workshop runs over a few weekends over a few months and it is designed for people who are running a trades and building business. You can be in your 20’s or 50’s, you have can have 2 staff of 20, you can turn over $200k or $20 Million. We've helped businesses of all sizes and people with all types of challenges from all states of Australia.

Be as good at leadership as you are at you trade

Before we get you started working on your business we will work with you to create clear direction on where you are taking you and your business.

We will take you through our 4 step process which can set you apart from your competitors.

Be as good at profit and cashflow as you are at you trade

Our goal is to make sure you walk away with the BusinessSight Business Financial Model completed so you can pay yourself what you are worth and on time.

The financial planner that you will get to see in the workshop won the financial planning practise highest award for the planning practice in Australia in 2017 and most people need to book 2 months in advance to see him, you'll get to see him without booking.

The presenter on equipment finance has always been able to provide a better suited option for all workshop attendees for any of their fiance needs.

The presenter that specializes in insurance for trades knows the industry better than any other insurance specialist in Australia.

We have funders that can provide funding to young businesses that might not normally qualify for loans under normal circumstances.

The accountancy firm that is one of the most sought after firms in Australia and have some of the families from the top 500 rich list in Australia as their clients, now it's your turn.

The debt collection agency will the correct paperwork to have set up so you have all the t’s crossed and I’s dotted so you are covered

The lawyers are construction specialists who have been able to get trades payments terms from 60 or 30 days down to 7 days

Of course we cover bookkeeping and we will provide you with the processes and standards you need to adhere to.

Be as good at branding as you are at your trade

Creative Copywriting. You get to work alongside the creative copywriter that has built national and internal brands, such as WebJet, Nandos, Lotus and obviously trades and builders.

Visual Branding. This guy is the most sought after in Australia, having helped hundreds and hundreds of business owners while making sure both the individuality and standards are kept.

Web Design. Our web designer is the only person that will not promise to get you on the front page of Google.

Photography. need content HERE

Be as good at lead generation as you are at your trade

One of the reasons some of our clients have seen an increase in their sales of more than 32 times than when they started with us is because we have over 11 different lead generation specialists and many different proven processes that you can use for your business.

We have many different businesses who would like to do business with different types of businesses and we can help you with that.

Be as good at structure as you are at your trade

One of the dreams of most business owners is to have a business that can run without you, we will take you through all the people process and systems necessary to build structured business that can run with you.

Our industry specialists include;

  • OH&S: it not just on the tools that matter
  • Cloud Specialists: have you got things set up as effectively as you should?
  • Job Management Systems: our specialist will look at what is going to work best for your personality
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    Google Everything
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    Recruitment Process: do you want to find and keep great people ?

Be as good at sales as you are at your trade

To be great at business you need to be great at sales and we will show you a way to sell that works for your personality.

Be as good at everything you need in business as you are at you trade

We need to be good at a lot of things in business or at least have the team on our side to make things easier for us. We will help you with focusing on your competitive edge in business and we have a further specialists to help you with that.

The BusinessSight On-Track Program

We take applications from participants who have completed the BusienssSight Mentor Workshop to join us on the On-Track Programme, this is the most comprehensive business support programme for trades and building business owners in Australia.

Sam Eastoe Eastoe Electrical

"A couple of years ago, when I first started in business I didn't have a business, I had a job, I was working hard, bloody hard! I did the BusinesSight Mentor Workshop around a year and half ago, I was a bit hesitant when I was joining up. At that point in my business, I was stressed out and had high anxiety, it was me and an apprentice, I had no structure and no systems and it was me working, something needed to change.

Things changed in a great way very quickly for me as the way the workshop worked and all its support was amazing, the support was more of a personalized push for me to get what I was doing into a good little commercial operation. My business now is at a stage where I employ three fulltime guys on the tools and I have someone doing my books and an admin person, I am on top of my financial and track these every Friday and I finally have my life back.
Just last week I was at the On-Track Programme run by BusinessSight and Miles pushed me to do a presentation in front of the group, I thought 18 months ago I would of ran a mile, now I was happy and proud to share my progress and when I did, I knew that it was helping others in the room which was pretty cool.

If you are procrastinating about doing something like this, do two things.
One, make sure you go for a workshop type scenario because you will get in front of a group of specialists to do something. You won’t make any progress if you keep looking at that screen all day."

Peter Schmeidel Skills Unlimited Services

"Dear Kevin,

Thank you for time and opportunity of attending.

I would like to share my thoughts after walking away from today’s workshop.

Firstly I did come into the workshop with a level of anticipation and expectations that the workshop would be a motivational presentation. This in itself was a surprise to me and Miles’s approach was far from that, but more of an inspiration, at first somewhat underwhelmed with approach, but yet to be surprised with a level of integrity and commitment, to follow through with examples and experiences.

I feel as though that the workshops are what I have been subconsciously being seeking and feel that I may be equipped with the tools that I have been seeking.

The “ penny” has dropped on many levels with me on aspects covered and especially on trust and integrity and feel that Miles’s Vision could well be realised with myself.

This in itself is motivating to feel that there is someone who get’s it.

Looking forward to the next workshop.

Please convey my thoughts with Miles and I also acknowledge your gift of listening."

Jason McInTyre

Flat Stick Roofing

"So, I was 21 and had just completed my first year in business as a sole trader. I was working with my best mate, not the best move, my turnover in my first year was less than 100k and whilst I knew I’d always get the work, I didn't want to make the mistakes my old boss made. A friend of mine told me about BusinessSight and we had a catch up and jezz, I signed up on the spot for their workshop.

To put it nicely i was shitting bricks doing the workshops both from handing over the cash and I thought I would be out of place or behind. Nope, we were all in the same boat, with holes all over the place.

Moving ahead two and half years later i know have a multimillion dollar business and I am only 24.

Miles has helped me create a path and been on my case when needed, I have learnt so much about business and there’s still more to go, and I’m about to buy a house and yep 24, and by the way my turnover is more than 32 times from when I started, and yes I'm making coin."


Tradie Packs

"Prior to joining workshop, I had become complacent with and felt like I had been treating water for many years. Soon after starting the workshop my eyes where opened to how much more there is to running a successful business. I also started to understand the importance of looking after the most important thing 'Me'.

With so many great presenters and exposure to how successful people think and operate, it's hard not to 'Think Big' and change that 'Mindset' for the better. After the workshop I now have a clear, simplified and achievable plan and support to take my business to the next level. With the knowledge and tools I have gained from both a personal and business sense in the workshop I now know I can achieve anything and will."

Sean Cannon

Cannon Pest Management

"I decided to participate in the Business Sight workshop as I had come to low point in my overall mindset in business and personal life. I had lost a sense of direction and there was a dragging feeling of uncertainty that was weighing me down. I had no sense of self and this was impacting on both my business and family life.

The business sight workshop provides a complete picture of both business and personal development. For me the biggest benefit I have gained from completing the workshop is how important self awareness and living a balanced life contributes to success.

Whilst I still have a long way to go with both business and personal development, I feel that the business sight workshop has provided the platform to build from."

The reasons why we're the preferred coaching and mentoring for Trades and Builders to help you be as good at business as you are at your trade;

  • We've been helping trades and builders for 16 years and that's all we help, we are the trades and building business builders specialists in Australia.
  • We run the most comprehensive business and personal development workshop for trades and building business owners in Australia.
  • We have the most structured and easy to follow process for you to build a successful and profitable operation that there is in Australia.
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    We guarantee to show you how to increase your profitability by $100k*
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    We provide you with ongoing support from Monday to Saturday from 7am to 7pm to help you along you way.
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    We have a proven formula to double your income and halve your stress.
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    We will show you how to create a business that is not reliant on you.

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